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What is a Traffic Exchange?

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Don't understand what a Traffic Exchange is?

You're here because you need traffic, and Traffic Exchanges can bring visitors to your website or blog, and the only cost to you is your time.

The amount of traffic you can earn is only limited by the amount of time you have to spend viewing other people's websites.

The ratio of a Traffic Exchange refers to how many websites you must view before your site is viewed by someone else. A 2:1 ratio means you must view 2 websites to have your website viewed once.


If you're not getting all the traffic you want to your website or blog, then it's time to get my help for free.

The Traffic Exchange list below contains all the TEs that I use myself. Some TEs might send very little traffic if used as a free member, but lots if you upgrade. Others might only be worth using if you surf a large number of sites every week (since the more you surf there, the more credits you get per click). It all depends on what you're looking for, and how much of your time and money you can invest.

Please note that the surf rates shown next to the Traffic Exchanges are for free members. If you upgrade, all TEs without exception will give you more credits per click.

Most TEs also offer surfing bonuses or dynamic rates that increase as you click, so the actual credit earning ratio will be higher than listed here.

Some Traffic Exchange tips.

When you browse the sites within a traffic exchange you must stay on a site for a certain number of seconds then you can advance to the next site. When using a manual surf exchange you must click a picture or with some of the newest TEs you can just hover the mouse over a certain area of the page to advance.

Get Website Traffic.

These sites will help you get traffic to your website or blog. Joining is totally free. All of these sites are 100% free to use. Remember, Traffic Exchanges are a fun and lucrative way to build your online profile, so take full advantage of them. Happy surfing ..!

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Join this very user friendly traffic exchange and find out why surfers love it. Hungry For Hits offers much more than great traffic and events. Gather icon sets while surfing and claim a bonus. With the best TE chat. Meet the owner from Sweden: Klara explains why you should join. Please consider www.hungryforhits.com/splashpage.php?splashid=16&rid=6648

2:1 surf ratio (8 seconds)



Website promotion. Targeted traffic exchange. Geographic & interest driven targeting.

100% free traffic. 100% free to join. Online since 2000.

Better than 1:1 ratio on hit exchange.


Traffic exchange program with many unique features. Socialize with our members. Free unique tools. Strong worldwide reputation.

Real 1:1 exchange ratio (20 seconds)

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange


Your quest for free traffic begins here. Earn free traffic and win free traffic. And much more ..!

WARNING ..! Usually this website DON'T reply if you contact the customer support. Write for more details to owner/admin:  roberto88264@yahoo.it

Current rate: 10 Credits = 1 Visitor (6 seconds = 2 Credits)


Manual Hit Exchange. Free to join. Guaranteed real website visitors. New members get 500 visitors credit bonus upon activation.

2:1 exchange ratio (6 seconds)


Your key to website success. Leading The Way Since 2000 ..!

1:1 exchange ratio (10 seconds)


Where professionals and quality traffic meet ..!

2:1 surf ratio (6 seconds timer)



Top Surf Italy (since 2012). Super Surf di Antonino (il Cavaliere Solitario). Top Surf Italiano e le visite non sono più un problema! Uno dei migliori siti in Italia, da raccomandare agli amici! When join: 10.000 credits (gratis alla registrazione).

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Free website traffic for everyone. Join Traffic Ad Bar today and get 100% totally FREE website traffic. Traffic Ad Bar is a new way to get free website traffic.

1:1 surf ratio (10 seconds timer)


2:1 surf ratio (9 seconds timer)


Fun & Professional Manual Traffic Exchange (bonus after surfing 25 sites for activation)

2:1 surf ratio (8 seconds)


Discover how to Instantly Increase Website Traffic with HitSafari ..!

2:1 surf ratio (6 seconds)

HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic


We're a complete advertising service where you can increase your website traffic for free.

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Active members will be rewarded.

5:2 surf ratio (10 seconds)


Fast flowing and unlimited free website traffic. Brand and build your business.

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Advice & some tips.

Do Traffic Exchanges work ..? Yes they do ..!

I'm using traffic exchanges and I'm very excited with the results. However, you need to find the better TEs and that can take some time exploring them. Building any business takes time and patience. The TEs listed here are the best that I use.

Of course, your opinions and suggestions are welcome, so don't hesitate to add your comment on this blog. Thank you.

Warning. Safety Tips ..!

I caution all readers to be smart, be savvy, be safe, while making classified transactions. Be wary and vigilant to ensure that you are not a victim of crime. Never provide your personal or banking information. More about Scams at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:



BAD EXPERIENCE with traffic exchange sites ..!

Your comment about JOKE or SCAM sites is welcome. Due to abuse of traffic exchange sites, below my BAD experience:


The publicity online "French autosurf with a modern interface and fast delivery. Option to get only unique visitors". During March 2015 I contacted FeelingSurf with some complaints: cancellation of credit, block of websites, allocated credits but no hits. Their support team do not respond. Don't hesitate to contact me if you know similar experiences.


The publicity online "You are the Magic at MagikTraffic.com". On July 2015 I contacted the support area with a new ticket for obtain my websites approved. During the last days I noted the cancellation of my websites and my support ticket, without a message. If you know similar experiences, please contact me:  roberto88264@yahoo.it  (owner/admin)

Veneto Region, Italy north-east: Unique Experience.

The place for your holiday ..!

Postage Stamps: art & culture ..!

Why should young people care about stamps ..? Education, adventure, passion, fun, etc ..

CAN YOU HELP ..? Wanted used postage stamps for philately promotion to kids (stamp collecting offers a world of interest). All kinds, in duplicates, on paper, are welcome. This is a permanent appeal, so stamps can be sent at any time of the year. When you receive a letter or postcard please collect the stamps. Your support at my project is essential. Thank you.

Ask gift-offer or visit the blog at

Italian gives free gifts & services

Suggestions to Stamp Collecting.

How do you start collecting postage stamps ..? Where to get used stamps from ..?

It's easy. You can save the stamps from the envelopes & postcards that comes to your place. You can ask your friends and relatives to save the stamps from their mail for you. The one thing I must ask is if stamps could be left on the envelope and cut off leaving about two cm of paper surrounding the stamp, to prevent damage. Trim the excess from around the stamp, but be careful not to cut the stamp. Never pull the stamps from the paper. Thank you.


Did you know ..?

Italy north-east, a land of history, art, and nature. Below, Monselice, just south of Padua, has an enchanting historical centre. Discover this medieval walled town with my free guided tour. Learn italian, in Italy, with a local italian, and for free ..! Visit my blog for other details and pictures. Thank you.


Discover north-east Italy for free

Monselice landscape:


The medieval castle at Monselice:


About me

Hi, greetings, and welcome to my blog. Let me introduce about myself.

My name is Roberto Bortolotto, and I live in Monselice, just south of Padova, Italy.

Arts and entertainment are my passion and I especially love tourism, philately & postal history, movies, museums, photography.

I can help with whatever you need regarding my area, as public transportation, language, accomodation, lowest cost, etc..

Thanks for reading and be sure to take advantage of my free service.

More images about my area (the Veneto region) at  www.fluidr.com/photos/137443964@N04/

or at  www.flickriver.com/photos/137443964@N04/

Below, Michelangelo art on 1961 italian postage stamp.


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Maria Esther, a special friend in Cuba:

Looking for penpal and much more. A free guided tour is available, but please advise in advance by email to arrange a convenient time. My city Santa Clara (here below) is in central Cuba, and you are welcome here. Thank you, and don't hesitate to contact me:  techi64@nauta.cu

Philately is art, culture, and passion:


Fascinating Monselice, Italy north-east:

Children in Via Carrubbio, Monselice (about 1958), Italy north-east:

The mother Rita (1926-2015) of the children above:


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